Monday, August 9, 2010


This morning is cool and I've opened the windows.  The gentle movement of the air smells fresh and sweet.  I'm enjoying this brief time before the windows will have to be shut once more and the air conditioner turned back on.

I have two devotionals that I've been reading.  One is a walk through the bible and it is not dated, the other is Our Daily Bread that is dated.  Is it a coincidence that both readings today were on humility? 

In my walk through the bible devotional, today's reading focused on John 13:1-17 where Jesus washed his disciples feet.  The writer summed it up by saying, "No matter what we feel we deserve from others, we can't bend too low in caring for them.  Service doesn't demean one's dignity, rather, as Jesus shows, it defines it."  And in Our Daily Bread, they quote:

"True greatness does not come to those
Who strive for worldly fame,
It lies instead with those who choose
To serve in Jesus' name."
-D. De Haan

I often get stuck in a rut with my stubbornness and pride.  I feel like I always need to be right.  Is that human nature?  Or, perhaps just one of my character flaws?

There is a perfect Someone
Whose example I strive to follow
I hope and pray
I can be more like Him
With each passing moment
With each passing day


Reference:  Meet The Bible; A Panorama of God's Word in 366 Daily Readings and Reflections (by Philip Yancey and Brenda Quinn); Reference quote on page 510