Saturday, August 21, 2010

Puffy Pink Progress

Have I mentioned how much I love this pattern?

My Puffy Pink Cotton Candy Tiramisu baby blanket is coming along quite well.  I'm two thirds complete on the body of the blanket and should get into the "icing" of the "cake" by Sunday.  I call the border on baby blankets icing as they really add the finishing touches to a project.  Just like cake, by itself, it's well, cake.  But with a glaze or icing, it's dessert in all it's decadent glory.

What makes this blanket so special, I believe, is the breathable texture that is created as you crochet your stitch pattern.  With each row you are creating soft little cushions in which to swaddle a new little one.  Ahhhh, I can almost smell the sweet light scent of baby powder right now. 

I'll post a final photo once I complete the project and before I get it ready to mail out to it's recipient. 

Joy in crochet bliss!