Friday, August 6, 2010

I Needed a Change of Scenery

And what that really means, is that I'm going to be moving furniture around.

I don't know what possessed me this morning, but I decided I wanted a bit of a change.  With me, that usually entails moving furniture.  The above photo shows what my breakfast bay looked like before the change.  We typically eat all our meals here and I usually have my morning coffee at the table as well.  The problem is, the table against the far wall ends up being a catch all for everything from library books to mail. 

So I moved everything out of the kitchen, rolled up the rug, took the curtains down to wash, and started cleaning.  Windows got a good Windex, the floor got a good scrubbing, and I even wiped down the walls.  The house smells nice and Febrezey fresh.

I've always wanted a sunroom.  But, with the economy the way it is, this isn't the time to be putting on an addition.  So, I'm making lemonade.  The only thing I purchased for my change of scenery was the bookshelf; which my husband put together for me this evening.  

Going forward, we'll just eat our meals in the formal dining room and I now have my little sunroom.  Down the road, if we miss the casual atmosphere of the breakfast bay, I'll just move things back around.

Joy in unexpected motivation and a little change of scenery.