Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hard work

This afternoon, following a quick lunch after church, our little family headed out back to do some yard work.  We started clearing out the back yard area under the trees.  We worked for about three hours and barely put a dent in the ivy; it is everywhere.  I like the look of ivy, but it's out of control.  At any rate, we got a good start.  We probably have 3 or 4 more Saturdays or Sunday afternoons to really get things looking nice. 

One thing I'm very happy about is the move of my azalea bush.  She was in the front yard and just not doing very well.  So we moved her out back, to what I hope will be a better location for her.  Time and the passing seasons will tell.  If she does settle into her new home, we will be enjoying a nice show of color this spring. 

Joy in a little hard work and looking forward to more!