Thursday, August 12, 2010

Enjoying The Nook

I've really been enjoying my nook this week, as have other members of the family. 

Pebbles has made herself right at home in one of the wicker chairs, casually relaxing there when the mood strikes her.

In between my household responsibilities, I've been enjoying crochet time with my feet propped up on the wicker chest, gazing out at the trees and wishing it would rain; thankfully, it did!

Today, my son colored in the nook and then worked on his Elmo sticker book for a while.  He also took the opportunity, while chatting with my husband on the phone, to get comfortable in one of the chairs, turning himself sideways with his feet propped up on the arm.  (At that time, I had a vision of my son as a teenager talking on the phone with friends....)

It's been a convenient place to sit and relax while I wait for dinner to simmer, cook, or bake; whatever the case may be.  Most afternoons, that's where my husband finds me as he comes home from work.  

It's a peaceful little place, no TV, no computer.  Just me, my thoughts and whomever decides to join me at any given time.

Joy for the day is in my little happy nook.