Sunday, September 12, 2010

What Next.....

So now that I've completed my most recent crochet project, I find myself pondering "what next".

I really want to start working on Christmas gifts and have some ideas in mind, but they require purchasing new yarn.

Forking over money for new yarn right now, is, well, hard to swallow.  Especially when I know I have a closet full of beautiful yarn just waiting to be worked into a warm cover-up or blanket for .......ummm, someone. 

I always purchase my yarn with a project and/or person in mind.  I very seldom buy yarn "willy-nilly".  It's always for this afghan, that blanket, or the latest, isn't that project beautiful just to discover that it has, oh yuck, treble crochets in it.  LOL!  (I really don't like doing treble crochets.)

So, with these thoughts in mind, my next project will likely be with yarn from my "stash".  Which, by the way, was all purchased on sale or, with a coupon.  (I'm a very frugal shopper to my delight and sometimes my husbands dismay.)

Joy in pondering, contemplating and thinking about the little things in life.....that make my life enjoyable!