Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hobby Invader...! 

Something has been invading my hobby time lately and that something is called life.

Hubby was off work for four days with the Labor Day holiday, so our schedule got a bit disheveled.  With that in mind, yesterday was "catch-up" day around the house. 

Dear son and I did enjoy a nice walk this morning.  It is a beautiful day with clear blue skies, nice breeze blowing through the trees, and temps in the low 80's.  I have the windows open and am hoping the cooler weather is here to stay. 

I haven't had much time lately to work on my Moorish Mosaic Afghan.  I have one more round of border to complete it.  Then, all that is left is to weave in the loose ends.  Once I'm able to do those things, I'll get some pictures posted.  I just seem to run out of steam when hobby time comes my way.  The afghan is very bold and different.  I like to call it "artsy".   

Joy in real life even if it does steal away some of my "hobby" time.