Monday, September 27, 2010

The Little Red Schoolhouse...

Our pastor has been preaching a series on "The Little Red Schoolhouse By The Big Red Sea" for the past few weeks.  I'm going to borrow the first part of his title for my blog post today.  I don't think he'll mind, since I am giving him the credit. 

We've been doing a lot of preparing lately to begin homeschooling our son.  This isn't a decision we take lightly and felt that this year was a good year to "test the waters" so to speak. 

So we've been getting an area in our lower level all set up for the first day of school; today!

Our workspace is ready with our books and pencils......

And, the calendar is up to date (as of Sunday).

I've pulled all our materials together and even have an easy Fall craft planned.

Here's hoping our day will be filled with learning and fun; and that I'll still be able to get some laundry done in the afternoon.

Joy in the day!