Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Was Making Up For Lost Time...

After laying on the couch for two days, I was making up for lost time today.  

We were up early this morning, so we all got ready, and headed to one of our local farms.  They were loaded with end of summer produce and fall decorations.  I purchased the mums I've been waiting for (although they haven't opened up quite yet), corn stalks for around the light post, and Indian corn for the front door. 

After dropping off our purchases, we headed to our local Lowe's for potting soil and a couple bags of mulch.  We browsed around the store for a bit, it's always fun to get home improvement ideas.

Once home, my husband and son went straight out back and started clearing out more of the back fence line.  While they did that, I prepared peach cobber in the crock pot to cook while we worked.  The recipe is from Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook and, as I write this, I'm enjoying the fruits of my labor.....yum!

Lastly, we cleaned out my little shady patch flower area and put down a layer of mulch.  

Joy in a family work day and loving it!