Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I got a new book today...

I saw it, as I was pulling into the drive yesterday evening.  That little brown box on the front door step.  Written on it, were the magical words that read....."Amazon".  (Big smile, toothy grin inserted here.)

I love Amazon; they have great prices and I even had a $5 off promotion code they had sent me for some reason.  So I got got an exciting new crochet booklet at a VERY good price!  Here it is...

It's a new Fair Isle afghan pattern book with 5 gorgeous patterns.  I'm especially drawn to the Southwest Warmth one pictured on the right.  I've never tried the technique that is used to make these.  And, I'm thinking this might be something to start once all the holidays are over.  But, I'm so excited to have it and be able to drool over the beautiful patterns. 

Joy in a new booklet!