Saturday, July 24, 2010

Who Done It

I love to watch a good old fashioned mystery.  Please don't misunderstand, I'm not talking about gore or "frightmare" on elm street type movies.  I'm talking about mystery and suspense.  A tangled web of intrigue that needs to be unraveled; a good "who done it".  And, in my opinion, one of the best web weavers is Agatha Christie

Back in 2005, my husband and I canceled our TV satellite subscription and relied on Cincinnati's networks for our TV viewing pleasure.  With only about five channels to watch, our choices were quite limited.  So we turned to our local library.  Our county libraries have a nice selection of dvds which includes movies, documentaries, and weekly series.  My husband would often go to the library on his lunch break and pick out a program he thought we'd enjoy watching together.  It wasn't long and I was being introduced to Christie's Hercule Poirot and Miss Jane Marple characters.  And, the love affair ensued. 

Hercule Poirot is a quirky detective with a bit of obsessive compulsiveness.  He has a vain streak and is constantly grooming his mustache.  In the series, he follows the clues and uses his "little gray cells" to help him solve even the most obscure mystery.  His series take place in the 30's and 40's before WWII. 

Miss Jane Marple's series take place after WWII in the late 40's.  She is a spinster who seems to have a niece, nephew or acquaintance in any and all English villages.  She is lovable, smart, and always makes the police think the lead she came up with was their own idea.  Oh, and did I mention, she knits.  Anyone who has a love of "wool" or yarn is OK by me. 

So tonight, once the little one is in bed, dear husband and myself will get the dvd player rolling.  We'll put in our latest selection of "who done it" and watch the scheme and deception of the bad guys as the good guys unravel the clues; and in the end, solve the mystery.

Joy for the day is in a good mystery, that like most fiction, has a happy (and solved) ending.