Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday - The Grind

But in a good way.

When I was working full-time, I really disliked Monday's.  It would start about Sunday afternoon, I'd get a big lump in my stomach just thinking about the coming week.  Little sweat beads of anxiety would form in my gullet as I thought about projects, looming deadlines, and bosses to please.  Fridays were the hope of freedom and slipping out of the bondage of 9 - 5.  Sundays brought to mind the tightening of the chains of obligation.

I have a completely different mindset these days.  I like Mondays.  It's a return to my routine and my sense of normalcy.

Our weekends don't have a lot of structure.  With the exception of Sunday morning "Sunday School" and our Sunday morning church service, we pretty much "wing" our weekends.

Mondays are "the grind"; but it's a smooth grind.  The rhythmically turning wheels in a well oiled machine that produce happy accord.  My Mondays of laundry and grocery shopping set the tone for the week; what cuisine we'll partake of at mealtime, a clean supply of towels for bathing, and the soft scent of freshly laundered sheets in which to lay our heads at bedtime.

I take great joy in my routine; my customary Monday.  It's habitual schedule and structure bring me peace of mind, and harmony in my home.  

Happy Monday!