Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lovely Rachael

Lovely Rachael

Weathered by the seasons

Standing strong against the storms

You are planted firmly

In the garden of my yesteryear

You've seen the blue skies turn to gray

You've watched Spring turn to Summer, then to Fall

Ever ageless, ever timeless

You are still standing tall

- In loving memory of my Great Aunt Blanche -

Rachael belonged to my Aunt Blanche, my grandfather's "sister" who was "adopted" by my great grandparents during the  depression.  Aunt Blanche was a romantic figure, not in her appearance, but in her character.  She had an air of mystery about her that always intrigued me.  She was a single woman and never married.  That fact never seemed to bother her, but perhaps, it was a part of her she locked away and did not reveal.  Aunt Blanche had a strong devotion to my grandfather, which I admired and endeared me to her more.  She was full of life and fun; making everyday things like eating chocolate pudding a delight.  She always seemed to have a smile on her face and laughter in her heart.

When I look at Rachael today, who now graces my little shady patch of a garden, I think of my Aunt Blanche, her smile and her love of life.