Tuesday, July 20, 2010

WARNING - Zucchini Bread

And, it's not diet!

I had a couple of large zucchini that I needed to use before they went bad.  Over sized zucchini squash are great for making the summertime favorite zucchini bread.  So I perused some on-line recipes and found one that looked absolutely scrumptious!  It's called Chocolate Zucchini Bread, and if you follow my link, it will take you to the free on-line recipe at Taste of Home's website. 

Once I got some housework settled this morning, I called my son into the kitchen to see if he wanted to help.  He loves to taste test everything, so he was game for the adventure.  First task was shredding the zucchini; a food processor with a grating blade makes this task a cinch.  I measured out what we would need for our recipe today, labeled the rest, placing it in ziploc bags for the freezer and future bread making use.

Measuring ingredients is fun with a four-year-old.  He likes to taste each item as it's being placed in the bowl.  I remind him that flour, by itself, does not taste good, but that doesn't deter the will of a child.  So I gave him a little taste and of course he said, "blah".  We went through this ritual with each new ingredient until we got to the sugar, and he said, "yum!".  Nothing like pure white sugar out of the bag to please his discriminating taste buds. 

So we followed the instructions on the recipe and our end result looks like this... 

My rating is the same as my son's rating to the white sugar, "yum!".  Very chocolaty and moist; sweet, but not overly so.  Keep in mind, this bread is very different from traditional zucchini bread and I'm glad I have more shredded zucchini to make that kind at a later date.  Down the road, if I make this recipe again, I think I'd add walnuts for a little texture.  It does make two loaves which is nice, one for now and one for later.

Joy in cooking!