Sunday, July 4, 2010

Saturdays are Family Days

Even though I don't work outside the home any longer, I still look forward to Saturdays.  A day when my little family can spend the day together. 

The pool...

It was a beautiful day here in the suburbs.  Blue skies, warm sun, a slight breeze and low humidity.  We all enjoyed the water and after a little while, I went to soak up some of the sunshine (with SPF 15 these days) while "R" and the little guy continued to play in the water. 

When we'd all felt a little water logged and tired from the sun, we decided to head home, shower, and get ready for our evening.

We had a family movie night this evening with Baked Chicken Fajitas in front of Jack and The Beanstalk.  In spite of it's childlike rating, it still had it's moments of scariness. 

Soon it will be bedtime with a favorite book and some old time songs that my mother used to sing to me.  Some of our favorites are "My Bonnie" and "Ba, Ba Black Sheep".

My joy for the every day was in my Saturday; a day for fun, a day for family.