Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kodak Moments

Yesterday I went to Michael's, one of our local craft stores, to look for yarn for an upcoming project.  As I was getting lost in my day dreaming of crochet and the colorful skeins of yarn stacked neatly in front of me, I heard a little voice next to me say, "Mommy, do you want a hug?"  I said, "Sure hun" and bent down to give my son a hug.  I was unaware that there was a lady in the isle with us looking in the section as well.  Her voice startled me as she said, "Now that, was a Kodak moment."  

So often we take the little things in life for granted; a pretty flower, a walk in the park, or a hug from a child.  It is not the big events in which we lay our life's groundwork, but in the small daily building blocks that create foundations in relationships, as well as memories we can look back upon.

My joy for the day is within that hug and all the little things, without words, that hug has to say.