Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thinking About Christmas... that is!  

I officially started my Christmas shopping today....from the privacy of my own home.....from the comfy coziness of my ergonomically correct desk chair.  And, it all happened with the click of a mouse.  

One of my favorite ways to shop is through Amazon*.  

 I have a "wish list" set up on their website and as I see things throughout the year, I add them to my list.  Then when special occasions roll around, the saved item is right there, waiting to be purchased.  I'll usually do a little online comparison shopping to ensure that Amazon has the best price; if not, I'll note the other location and take into account their shipping costs.  Most of the items, that Amazon sells, have FREE standard shipping (when you have a minimum purchase of $25).  

There is an air of anticipation as you await your parcel.  Even though I've ordered a gift for someone else, there is still a thrill, an expectancy for the arrival of my package; be it large or small.  The sound of a delivery truck pulling up in front of the house sets my heart astir.  If I'm quick enough, I can yell out a hearty "thank you" and give a broad wave before they get back into their truck.  Nothing says Christmas like the little brown box with the sweeping arrow; or is it a smile?

Now my wait begins....but it won't be long......they reported 2 - 5 days!

Joy in the start of the holiday shopping!

*Note: In no way am I affiliated with, nor do I get any type of commission for writing this little blurb.  I just like to shop there!  :-)