Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turkey Craft and Party Favor

I wanted to have a little party favor for the boys on Thanksgiving.  So I gathered together some materials that I thought I'd need to make this craft. 

It just took about 20 - 30 minutes to make these cute little guys.

What you'll need:

+ Movie-size boxes of candy
+ Kraft paper
+ Construction paper in various colors
+ Scissors
+ Glue
+ Tape
+ Markers

  1. Wrap the boxes of candy in the Kraft paper.
  2. Cut out a circle for the belly and a circle for the face.
  3. Cut out fat triangles for the feet and a skinny triangle for the beak.
  4. Cut out almond shapes in various colors for feathers.
  5. Cut out a little red wattle.

Glue all the pieces in place and draw a face on your turkey and some toes on his feet. 

(I wanted to use the those googly eyes for the face, but we were fresh out.  The marker worked just as well.)

And, he's done.

My son made his; it was a fun little project.

The little one is now making Indian feather headdresses out of construction paper and glitter glue to go along with the turkeys.


It's raining here....perfect day for crafts.