Monday, October 25, 2010

It's "D" Day!

As in Diet with a capital "D".  The "battle" of the bulge starts today.
This isn't a new fight.  It's a war I've waged for most of my life....

As a teen, I opted not to eat.....much.  Then in my 20's, I was successful (a couple of times) with Weight Watchers.  In my 30's, while in the business world, The South Beach Diet was all the "rage" and I was able to be successful with it.

In my 40's now, I've been resting on my "laurels" so to speak and the weight has really "crept" up on me.  I don't exercise like I used to and I have to confess, I eat way more ice cream than any adult woman should!

So, the big day has arrived.  And, I have a plan, although it isn't a formal one.

I'm going to start walking on my treadmill (at a slow pace, I'll build myself up), and I've dug out my old Weight Watchers materials that I'll use to (hopefully) get myself back on track.

Joy in day one.