Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fair Isle Update

Yesterday, I got to a point on my Fair Isle project to update the lady for whom I'm making the blanket.  I wanted to be sure she was happy with the direction I was going.....

Originally, we had decided on this pattern, but as I started to make it, I really wasn't happy with the way the design within the blanket was forming.  The yarn I'm using has a very definite stitch definition and the long double crochet "X" that you make was looking really "hokey".  I think that pattern would look good in a more "fuzzy" yarn or perhaps a sport weight.

So I headed to another fair isle style pattern that I've made before.  It's called Fireside Cheer (pictured below)...
This is a blanket pattern I'm very fond of and I think is quite pretty.  I made the above for myself several years ago. 

If you remember, the colors we chose for this project were turquoise, mauve/pink and an aran.  I started the blanket using the turquoise as the main color, as this is the recipients favorite color.  I'm using the aran and mauve as the accents.  

I sent her an e-mail last night to show her my progress.  I also wanted to see if she would like the aran as the master color instead of the blue.  I felt I was at a good point, and had enough time, to start over and do the pattern with the color switches.   She replied to my e-mail not to change a thing.  So, with that being said, I'm moving forward!

I hope this will be something the receiver will like and enjoy using.  This blanket will evolve as the additional bands are formed, the ends woven into the fabric, and a pretty border crocheted all around it.

Joy in a day full of crochet!  :-)