Wednesday, October 13, 2010

He's Reading!

I can't believe little boy is reading! 

And, I taught him! 

The sentences are simple, "Sit here Dad."  Or, "Mom is in here."  Most of the words are from the "it" and "in" family so far.  But so exciting!  Today we learned about a "period" and that it tells the reader that the sentence has ended.  He got it. 

I really like the curriculum I'm using.  It's from Bob Jones University and it is what a lot of Christian schools use in their private schools.  It is very detailed and it gives sample conversations (with the answers) all written out.  It was a hard decision, but in the end, I kept being led back to the one I chose. 

We are heading into the end of week three and so far, this has been very rewarding. 

Joy in education!