Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Granny Squares on a Summer Day

I started working on some granny squares last week.  As you can see, I haven't gotten too far. 


The pattern is from the Royal Sister's Blog called Grandma All Square; it's a free tutorial.  I don't change colors the way she does, I fasten off and join a new color as you would with a traditional granny.    

I'm using Red Heart Super Saver that I had in my stash.  I had the biggest variety of colors in that brand.  I wanted something bright and cheerful to work on.  

This morning dear son and I headed to the pool for a little summer fun and to practice his swimming.

I've seen such an improvement in his swimming this year.  He's lost his "fear" of the water and is doing very well.  He had his last lesson this week, but we'll continue to practice what he's learned when we go to the pool.  

And, he loves to take his goggles with him in the bath tub...


I've been reading Farmer Boy to the little one at night.  It's one of the books in the Laura Ingalls-Wilder series.  He really likes the story and has asked me several times if the things in the book really happened.  

I've enjoyed rereading the series too; we read the first two books last year.

Not much else going on.  I've got a round steak marinating for the grill once hubby gets home and I'll steam some zucchini to go along with it.  I love to keep it simple in the summer.  Casseroles, soups and chili will be here soon enough.

Mid-week blessings to you and yours...