Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Snow

and sled riding!

One of our county parks has a sled riding area.  
So today, we took advantage of our 3 inches of snow and headed for the hill.

Up they went...

and down they came...

Once we'd all had turns going down and getting tired of carrying the sled back up....

we warmed up by the fire.  

As soon as our hands, noses and toes had regained a bit of warmth, we headed over to the lake to see what was going on over there.

this time of year, everything is either gray...

or brown.

We were ready to call it an afternoon, so we piled in the car, drove through Starbucks for a cup of hot cocoa...

and my little snow covered bunny welcomed us home.  

Enjoying these quiet days while my husband is off work and resting up for the new year.

Until next time!

Take care,