Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some Works in Progress...

First, I have to say thank you to all you kindred spirits out in "blog land" who left your very kind comments on my previous post.  I appreciate your sentiments very much.  :-)

Now, on the crochet front...

My Dainty Mesh Vest took a backseat while I finished up my son's Vertical Horizontal Stripe blanket.  But, I have it in my sights again and hope to start on one of the sides in the next couple of days.  I did find some pretty silver buttons at Joanne's, which I think will look nice with the springy green color.

But, the big project coming up, that is going to devour most of my crochet time, is (drum roll please)...

an Aran Fisherman-style Afghan.  This is going to be a wedding gift for my husband's niece who will be getting married this summer.  The pattern is from Fisherman Crochet Afghans which was published 1983 and I don't believe is in print any longer.  Although, I do see it come up for auction on e-bay quite regularly. 

I'll be using Lion Brand's Wool-Ease for the project....all 66 oz!  I was very lucky to get the yarn on-line at Joanne's when they were having a 30% off sale (and free shipping!).  I'm allowing myself two months to make this.  I'll be making number "6" on the back of the leaflet; it's called "Cork".  It uses a lot of stitches that are new to me, so I know this is going to be slow going.  If it isn't complete by their wedding, I can always give it to them following their honeymoon.

I know I'll need some color intervention while I'm working with all that creamy yarn, so I'm also working on some African Flower motifs.  I'm thinking I'll just do one or two here and there as a break from the big project and in a couple months, I should have enough for an afghan.  I'll post some pics of the African Flowers when I get a few more made.

Whew!  So that's the game plan for now.  I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew, but I do love a challenge and this will be a big one.

Don't forget about my giveaway!  I'll be drawing two names on Sunday, April 10th.  You can follow the link I've provided for details.

Have a wonderful evening.