Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Did It!

I actually made an article of clothing!  

This is the Dainty Mesh Vest I've been working on (off and on) for the past month.  I finished it up last night... 

This was a lot of fun to make and I definitely see more wearable making in my future. 

We have a really gray and rainy day today.  With that in mind, I wasn't able to get outside and get the kind of photos I like to capture my crochet work (and my camera doesn't take very good indoor photos).

All the details for the project can be found by following the link I provided above.  

I really enjoyed the challenge of this project, never having made clothing before, it was something new and fun to try.  

Thanks for cheering me on along the way.  

Onto the next challenge, and... 

Joy in a finished object!