Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Wonderful Spring Day!

This afternoon, my little family headed to our local Lowe's to look around.  Spring always makes me think of projects I'd like to do around the house.

Lowe's already had a few things in their garden center at a reasonable price, so we picked up a few shrubs.  I got a new Encore Azalea (bottom left in picture) to replace the azalea that died over the winter.  I also purchased the pot of daisy-like flowers that are supposed to be hardy to 35 degrees.  I thought they added some early spring color to my shady-spot garden.  The greens poking up through the ground is a large Hosta plant of an unknown variety.  Dear hubby placed Lovely Rachael in the garden and in a couple months, I'll be able to plant my pretty impatiens...

I also bought two more azaleas for the yard, but they are the ordinary kind that only bloom in the spring.  I put them by my forsythia bushes that I'm waiting impatiently patiently to bloom. 

We raked up last years leaves, let me tell you, swinging that rake back and forth is good exercise!  There are plenty more to rake up and that job seems never ending. But, there will be more pretty spring days to work on the yard, I'm sure. 

Joy in a pretty fresh-air day!