Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happenings With The Diet...

Well....OK, I will likely never be this thin (or tan for goodness sake) again.  But wouldn't it be nice!  LOL!

I'm plugging away on the diet front and am in my fourth week of the South Beach Diet.  I just switched over to Phase II on Monday, I'll be curious to see how my body adjusts to adding carbohydrates back into my diet. 

Good news is that I've lost nine pounds (yeah!); first goal met.  My next goal is ten pounds.  I'm thinking that will be a little slower going, but maybe by the end of April?  

I'm hoping the weather will start cooperating and that I'll be able to get outside with some daily walking.  

I was in my 20's in this photo and having fun in Myrtle Beach.  Like I said, I'll likely never be this thin again; it was (cough, cough) more than 20 years ago.