Thursday, March 10, 2011

My New Love...

I have a new love...

Chai Tea!  Have you ever tried it?  I might be late on the bandwagon, I don't know, but I really like it.  The "recipe" just calls for low-fat, low-sugar soy milk (brought to a boil) and add your Chai tea bag letting it steep for a good 5 minutes.  Yum.  :-)  You can add sweetener if you like, but you don't really need it.

I started South Beach this week......unfortunately it's a diet, not a vacation spot.  The first two weeks are the most restrictive with no caffeine, sugar, or carbs (most carbs anyway).  Then after the first phase you start adding in your fruit and whole wheat type carbs.  

My cholesterol was a little high at my last doc visit and I'm trying to take better care of myself.  

Hope everyone is having a nice week!

Joy in a little Chai......tea that is.