Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WOW! What a Storm!

We had a big ice storm here last night and lost power around 8:15ish, with no electricity until just after Midnight.  Nothing like the dead of winter with no heat.  Luckily, the house didn't get too cold in those 4 hours and we have plenty of crocheted blankets to keep us warm! 

I stumbled around looking for candles in the pitch black darkness, while dear husband looked for a flashlight.  Dear son soon claimed the flashlight as his own and was running around the house with the adventure of it all.

Ice was covering everything outside.  It was raining icicles from the sky and the wind was was a storm of epic proportions (I might be exaggerating a bit).  

This morning, there isn't a trace of ice on the trees......a very "Twilight Zone" type of thing.  It is plenty cold though with temperatures in the 20's.

Worst part about the storm are all the branches down in the yard....and one HUGE tree limb down in the front yard...that just lays there...resting casually between our light post and our River it's been there all along.

I'm not sure what type of weather we have in store for us today, but I do have to say, this has been one strange (weather related) winter!

Thankfully, no damage!