Friday, February 4, 2011

It's a New Me!

Isn't is wonderful how a little self pampering can put a lift in your step?

I usually take the inexpensive route and color my own hair.......nothing fancy, a little L'Oreal or Nice and Easy in a warm shade of brown......

But my hair had gotten so long and I was just dreading the whole process.  So I made an appointment with my hair stylist and had it done professionally.  What a treat! 

I did take my my own books to look through while I waited for the color to set.  But, for a little levity, I ended up browsing through the gossip magazines the salon provides loaded with photos of Hollywood's finest in their skimpiest swimsuits displaying their plastic surgeon's latest work...such a fantasy world they live in...  

Now the gray has magically disappeared, I feel 10  years younger....well, maybe 5....

I left the salon a new woman........I feel rested........refreshed and I'm walking a little lighter in my shoes.  I hope this feeling lasts a few days anyway.......maybe it will get me through to spring!  :-)

Joy in a little self pampering!