Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Irish Rose - An Update

Well, I finally got to a point where I thought I'd take some photos of the aran afghan I'm working on.  I'm going to call it Irish Rose.  


The popcorn stitch is one of the first large repeat sections...
then more cables...

I will definitely be blocking this once it's complete.  I've blocked the other aran afghans I've done and it really gives the stitches a nice crisp look.

The fisherman afghans are time consuming; but the variety of stitches keeps a large project like this interesting and fun.

Dear son is sick with strep throat.  With that in mind, the last couple of days have been quiet and I've been able to get in a little more crochet time than when school in session.  

I'd love to have this complete by Thanksgiving.  My in-laws are coming in from the mid-west for the holiday and I'd like to be able to send it home with them lovingly gift wrapped for Christmas.