Thursday, September 20, 2012

Glen Helen Nature Preserve

My mom, son, and I went on a field trip to Glen Helen Nature Preserve in Yellow Springs, OH today.  It's a privately owned 1,000 acre nature preserve affiliated with the small college of Antioch.  

Most of the leaves haven't changed color yet, but a few orange and yellow leaves were starting to fall.

Our first stop was the welcome center, where we hoped to pick up a detailed map of the area, unfortunately they weren't opened yet....more on that in a bit.

The trails were so pretty, with natural limestone cliffs leading down to a babbling brook.

There was an old ruin of a dam, that was fun to explore...

We came across a really neat grotto and small cascade...

A larger cascade is located deeper in the preserve...we didn't hike to that today.  Hopefully, we'll go back another time with hubby and find it.

We were starting to get tired, so we asked a nice lady, who was walking her dogs, for the shortest route back around to the parking lot...

we ended up getting lost.  

Thankfully, we came across a man hiking and he was kind enough to walk us back to the main trail and point us in the right direction.  His name was John and I told him he was our Good Samaritan.  Mom and I shook his hand when we parted and thanked him for taking the time to get us back on track.  

Next time, I'll bring the map that I printed with us on our hike, it didn't do us any good sitting on the front seat of the car.

After our adventure we went to Young's Dairy Farm and had lunch at their Golden Jersey Inn.  Following lunch, we each enjoyed some farm fresh, handmade ice cream and fed the goats and sheep in their petting zoo.  

It was a great day, even with getting lost.  It's all in the adventure.

Happy Thursday and Happy Trails!