Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Little Progress...

I'm making decent progress on my scarf; I'm a bit past the halfway point.  I was working on it as dear son worked on his English worksheet; we are studying nouns.  Pretty soon we'll be diagramming sentences.  


My mom brought me the cool yarn bowl when she was in town...

The area where she lives has a lot of potters.  I love the earthen color of the pot.  She always seems to find neat yarn items to select and give as gifts.  

The weather has been cooler here in Cincinnati and I actually turned on our gas fireplace last night...

The green basket weave blanket was one I made several years ago for my hubby for his birthday.  It's held up well even though it gets thrown around and used as a TV blanket regularly.  

Hope your week is going well.  

Take care!