Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vanna's Choice Contest Entry

My Shetland Tweed afghan is now complete!

And has been officially entered into the Vanna's Choice Contest.  

I started this in December and I listed the pattern and other details in earlier posts which can be found HERE and HERE.

I had a couple of stalls...

once when I ran out of yarn...

and the other,...

at the end of the project,...

weaving in row after row of ends.

But, all those ends are worth it...
in the...end.

I chose to do a braided border.  
I thought the curve of the braid softened the lines of the blanket
and pulled out the darker colors.

I'm going to tuck it away...
 and hope.
I want to keep it looking
"fresh off the hook."

Next project?
I don't know yet. 
But, I'm sure it won't be long
before I have hook and yarn in hand.  


Happy crocheting!