Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mid Week This and That

I got a new toy the other day when I was out Christmas shopping.  It's an electric kettle.  Our stove-top tea kettle died several years ago.  The whistle broke off and you wouldn't know when it had boiled; you'd end up with water all over the top of the stove.  

The electric kettle is fun to use.  


Have you finished up your Christmas shopping yet?  I may get my husband one or two more small things, but for the most part I'm done.  Even have the little one's things all wrapped and secreted away.  

Oh how I wish we'd get some snow.  I'm ready for the first big snow storm of the year.  We've had so much rain lately...
the house may float away.

My sister and her family are coming over on Christmas.  We are going to do a casual buffet with a Honey Baked Ham.  I need to figure out a couple of side dishes to make.  Something easy as I want to enjoy myself and not spend the day in the kitchen; ya know?

I'm still plugging away on my fisherman basketweave afghan.  I should be starting on the final series of cables later today.  

Hope your week is going well.  

Don't forget to take some time for "tea" during this busy time of year.  AND, don't forget the Reason for the season...

Holiday Blessings.