Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mosaic Work in Progress...

I started working on a new afghan project this past Saturday.  It's called Gingham Checks and is in Mosaic Magic by Lily Chin.  This is a pattern I haven't tried before and it just uses long double crochet stitches to form the "V" and drop stitch.  It kind of creates a trellis effect that I think is really pretty.

The pattern is worked in strips and then whip stitched together; I'll probably slip stitch the pieces together as I'd rather crochet than sew!  


I'm working on another project as well, so this is something that will just get done when it gets done; no rush.  

It's been an overcast day so far with thunderstorms predicted for this afternoon.  A perfect day for catching up on laundry and working with my hook and yarn.

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Blessings to you for a wonderful day!