Thursday, May 5, 2011

What is your favorite?

I was thinking this morning about crochet hooks and about my favorite brand, size, etc.  

Do you have a favorite?  

My favorite hook brand is Boye, I just like the way it rests in my hand and I like the little flat part in the middle where I can hold it.  I have two Turn of the Century Hooks that are exquisitely made and beautiful to look at, but I tend to grab one of my colorful aluminum hooks when I sit down to crochet.  

H and I are my favorite size hooks to work with, I like the look of the stitch they tend to produce with a worsted weight yarn.  

How about you?  

What's your favorite?

P.S.  Do you see that blue sky reflecting in the glass??  We haven't seen that in a while here and I'm looking forward to getting outside today!