Monday, February 18, 2013

Scrappy Hexagons Begin

I began my Scrappy Hexagon Blanket last night and completed 3 motifs.  
(Pattern HERE)

Doesn't look like many people are interested in a Scrap CAL at this time, but if anyone changes their mind, feel free to jump in.  

Sarah, at Sarahsweethearts, is working on one as well if you want to follow her progress; her colors are gorgeous.

I decided to do my final round in off-white since I'm using such a mishmash of colors.  And, I thought doing a round of off-white within the motif might help unify all the different colors too.

We shall see.

Today is President's Day and my husband is off work, so a relaxing morning with my coffee before we start our work around the house.

Hope your day is great whatever your endeavors.