Sunday, February 17, 2013

Scrap Project CAL

Friday, I posted about doing a scrap project.  

I decided to do Ruby's Hexagon Blanket pattern this time around.  My friend Sarah, over at Sarahsweethearts, is going to do this blanket also and already has a few motifs made up.  

(PDF Download Available on Ravelry)

If you want to join along, just leave a comment.  

You don't have to do this particular blanket.  Any project, large or small, is fine.  Only caveat, you must use your scrap yarn!  
No pressure, each of us just working at our own pace.  

If we get a few people who want to join in, I'll post links to their blogs so you can follow their progress.

Let's take a peek inside my mishmash of yarn...

This is all Vanna's...

This bin contains scraps and bits of yarn that was given to me by one of my Aunts...

And, lastly, a mix of odds and ends from various projects...

I have some solid colors in my stash for the final round.  I'm not sure yet what color I'll use.  I want to get a few motifs made up and see how my colors are blending.

Hope you'll join in on the fun.  

As always, thank you for your nice comments
Happy Crocheting!