Wednesday, March 14, 2012

On My Mind

We are getting our house ready to put on the market.  

It's been a hard decision, the housing market in our area is still recovering from the bust a few years ago.  We've gone back and forth, but dear hubby and I decided we'll put it on once school is over and we'll see what happens...


We've been weeding through things and doing little projects here and there to get the house ready.  We've made several car loads to Good Will and we aren't done going through the basement yet. Once dear son's soccer is over, we'll get into more "meatier" projects like painting.  

We have ten weeks of school left for the year...well, 9 1/2.  I know dear son and I are both ready for some summer freedom.  Mid-May, we'll be celebrating the end of another school year and I can't wait!  


My mind has been full of plans for our little family.  Time will tell what the future has in store and I'm excited to see!