Monday, February 6, 2012

Daydreaming Dishcloth Pattern

Last Friday evening, I headed out to Joann's to get a change of scenery.  I was armed with coupons I'd received in the mail recently, but I didn't have any intentions of buying anything.

Famous last words.  

I found this really pretty cotton yarn on sale and the colors reminded me of spring.  Since it doesn't look like we are going to get any snow this winter, I guess I'll start "daydreaming" about spring.  Hence my new dishcloths.  See below for my Daydreaming Dishcloth pattern.

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Daydreaming Dishcloth
by Heather Prusia
© 2010 - 2012


·         MC - 2.5 oz 100% cotton (I used Lily Sugar'n Cream - Rose Pink)
·         CC - 1 oz 100% cotton (I used Lily Sugar'n Cream - Lava Lamp)
·         I (5.50 mm) crochet hook
·         Blunt-end needle for weaving in ends

Finished Size:  9.5 inches square

Gauge:  4 inches = 7 shells across x 13 rows

Skill Level:  Easy

Special Stitches Used: 

·         Shell:  (sc, ch 2, sc) in indicated stitch

Note:  Turning chain (tch) has not been included in the stitch count.


Ch 27

Row 1 -   (RS) sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across (26 sc).

Row 2 -   ch 2, turn, sk 1st sc, shell (see special stitches) in next sc, *sk 1 sc, shell in next sc, repeat from * across to last 2 sc, sk 1 sc, sc in last sc (12 shells).

Row 3 -   ch 2, turn, working in ch-2 sps only, shell in each ch-2 sp across, sc in top of tch (12 shells).

Row 4 -   Repeat row 3 to desired length.  

End Row-ch 2, turn, working in ch-2 sps only, (2 sc) in each ch-2 sp across, sc in top of tch (25 sc).  Do not fasten off. 


Round 1- With RS facing, ch 1, sc evenly around work with (3 sc) in each corner, sl st to beg sc, fasten off.

Round 2- With RS facing, attach CC in any corner, ch 1, sc evenly around cloth with (3 sc) in each corner, sl st to beg sc.  Do not fasten off, do not turn work.

Round 3- ch 1, rev sc evenly around cloth, sl st to beg st, fast off. 


·         Weave in ends


beg.... begin/beginning
CC..... contrasting color
ch....... chain stitch
ch-..... refers to chain or space previously made (i.e. ch-1 space)
ch sp. chain space
MC..... main color
mm..... millimeter(s)
oz....... ounce(s)
rem.... remain/remaining
RS..... right side
sc....... single crochet
sk....... skip(ped)
sl st.... slip stitch
sp(s).. space(s)
st(s).... stitch(es)
tch........turning chain
WS..... wrong side