Monday, May 14, 2012

Family Days are Fun Days

This past Saturday, our little family packed up in the car and headed to Caesar's Creek Park.  It is a large state park with hiking trails, a lake and a cute little pioneer village.

We enjoyed a picnic lunch under a grove of pine trees and then walked over to the little pond pictured above.  The pond was teeming with life with tadpoles swimming around and turtles lounging on dead logs soaking up the warm sun.

Never one to dawdle too long, we took a nice nature walk on one of the shorter trails.  

Everything was so green...

and pretty.

After our walk, we headed over to the Pioneer Village to see what was going on.  Looked like they were having a volunteer clean up day.  I caught these cute little kittens peeking out from one of the porch steps, aren't they the cutest!

I'm so glad we got out on Saturday, because it rained ALL DAY on Mother's Day.  Hubby had to grill out the london broil with an umbrella.  


Hope your weekend was spent doing something fun with family or friends, and I hope all you mother's enjoyed a blessed and peaceful Mother's Day.