Monday, July 18, 2011

Vintage Coverlet...

I love to see crocheted items when I'm out and about, don't you?  

I've been on the hunt for a second-hand kitchen table and chairs.  We have a set, but we put it down in our lower level and have gotten used to it being down there.  So, I've been looking for one that will go with my kitchen and is in good condition.  Which brings me to the coverlet...  

I was at an antique mall this afternoon and I saw this pretty cream and "shrimp" colored coverlet and just had to snap a couple of photos.  It was $89, so of course I didn't purchase it (not that it is a bad price for all the work involved in the piece; it just wasn't on my "list").  But such pretty "eye candy" all the same.

I'm still shopping for my table and chairs.  I've covered Craig's List and a second hand furniture store in my area to no avail.  I just hate paying retail.  But, as our school year starts to draw near, I may have to "bite the bullet" and pay full price.  

So anyway, a little crochet inspiration, in vintage form, from today's hunting expedition.

Happy Monday!